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Approximately 25,000 divorces occur annually in Washington, but if it’s your marriage that’s ending, you may be feeling uninformed, overwhelmed and concerned about your future and your children’s well-being. At the Law Office of Robert N. Getz, P.S. in Everett, my exceptional professional staff and I take a straightforward approach to divorce issues that can be complicated, frustrating and even frightening. You can rely on me to keep you informed and to offer knowledgeable counsel about your options so that you can be confident about your decisions. I have been helping people through the divorce process — known as dissolution of marriage in Washington — for more than 30 years and have an excellent track record working on behalf of satisfied clients.

What are the grounds for divorce in Washington?

A Washington spouse who seeks a divorce only has to plead that their marriage is irretrievably broken.  Under this “no fault” system, adultery and other types of alleged marital misconduct are not grounds for a divorce. However, squandering marital assets to engage in an extramarital affair or committing domestic abuse can affect property division and custody arrangements. The plaintiff who files for the dissolution of marriage must be a state resident when the action is initiated.

Skillful lawyer protects your rights during the divorce process

With proper divorce planning, you can end your marriage in a way that suits your values and goals. My firm can handle each aspect of your case, including matters relating to:

  • Child custody and visitation — When dealing with child custody and visitation arrangements, I focus on the well-being of the young people involved and strive to negotiate a parenting plan that creates clear guidelines and a positive environment for parents and children.
  • Alimony — Spouses who relied on their partner for income during their marriage might be entitled to alimony. On behalf of parties requesting spousal maintenance and those who might be required to pay it, I provide strong advice and advocacy. 
  • Child support — Based on the state’s formula and the specific considerations affecting your son or daughter, my firm will work to secure an appropriate child support order.
  • Annulment — Some people assume that annulment is synonymous with a divorce that occurs shortly after the wedding. However, this is not the case. An annulment is only granted when a court accepts that the marriage was never valid at all due to factor such as fraud, coercion, bigamy or the fact that one of the parties was underage.

At least 90 days must pass between the divorce filing and the date when the court issues a Decree of Dissolution of Marriage. Of course, conflicts between the parties over parenting arrangements and financial issues can make the process last much longer. I am committed to avoiding unnecessary delays and focusing on achieving fair divorce terms so each spouse can move forward.

Reputable advocate works to secure a fair division of marital property

Under the state’s community property law, most assets brought into the household while a couple is married belong equally to each spouse. It does not matter which person was responsible for acquiring the asset. Occasionally, a dispute arises over whether a particular item qualifies as separate property because it was owned by one spouse prior to the wedding or given specifically to one spouse through a gift or inheritance. Regardless of how large or small your marital estate might be, I’ll advise you on all types community property issues, including the allocation of complex assets such as the marital home, investment accounts, pensions and ownership of businesses.

Firm assists clients during mediation, arbitration and collaborative divorce

A courtroom usually is not the best place to handle the personal and financial issues that are inherently associated the divorce. My firm offers several alternatives for spouses who wish to dissolve their marriage in a healthier, less expensive manner. Whether you're already considering mediation or are compelled to use the process by the court, I am a qualified family law mediator who works with couples to guide them toward compromise on contested matters related to parenting and monetary support. If you believe you cannot reach an agreement, but want to avoid the delays and procedural paperwork that comes with litigation, I can present your case to an arbitrator who will hear both sides and make a decision. You might also be interested in the collaborative divorce process where the parties and their attorneys work as a team to share information and consult with subject matter experts so that a settlement agreement can be executed.

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