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The Phelps Legal Group works with many parents who are struggling with how to manage parental rights, including those involving paternity, child support and parenting time. Our attorneys work with you to protect your rights and find solutions to the conflicts you face. We have a record of success in these cases and are prepared to stand up for your rights.

What are my rights as a parent in Michigan?

Biological parents in Michigan have many rights when it comes to their children, including:

  • Paternity — The Michigan Paternity Act gives both parents the right to request paternity testing to determine who is the biological father of the child. A court orders genetic testing to establish paternity when it is contested in child support cases.
  • Child support — Custodial parents have the right to receive child support from the other parent. Child support in Michigan is based on a formula. Child support can be modified when circumstances change substantially. If your child support is not being paid, we can help you enforce the child support order.
  • Access to records — Both legal parents have the right to access all of their child’s medical and educational records, including daycare records. Both parents also have the right to be notified about meetings with schools.
  • Parenting time — Michigan law gives both legal parents the right to reasonable parenting time with the child. The parents can agree about a parenting time schedule or can ask the court to decide for them. The right to parenting time can be revoked if a parent is convicted of a sex crime or one parent establishes that visitation with the other would be harmful to the child.
  • Minor’s earnings — When a Michigan child has an income, parents have the right to control it. If one parent is the sole provider for the child, that parent has the sole right to control the money.

Parental rights raise complex issues. Our attorneys offer wise and compassionate guidance when you are facing them.

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