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Proven Bucks County attorney assists victims of serious accidents

An accident on the highway, at a construction site or somewhere else could inflict catastrophic harm on you or someone close to you. When this occurs, you might know that someone else is legally responsible for the physical, mental and emotional harm stemming from their negligence, but figuring out the proper claim value is a serious challenge. The Law Offices of Paul R. Weber in Langhorne has been a strong legal advocate for Bucks County clients since 1985. We’ve secured millions of dollars for Pennsylvania clients during that timeframe and have the ability to handle the high compensation amounts and sophisticated medical evidence associated with catastrophic injury claims.  

Types of catastrophic injuries suffered by Pennsylvania plaintiffs

With a strong track record handling personal injury and wrongful death litigation in Bucks County and elsewhere, our firm is well equipped to victims of catastrophic injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic brain injuries — Whether suffered as a result of a car crash, workplace accident or some other type of incident, a blow to the head could change someone’s life forever. We call on neurologists and other experts to outline what type of short- and long-term effects someone can expect to face following a traumatic brain injury.
  • Neck and spinal cord damage — Even if the contact does not seem too severe, damage to the spinal cord, head or neck could lead to a permanent loss of function, or even paralysis. When this happens, our firm presses for compensation that accounts for the major adjustments a victim will have to make. 
  • Eyesight loss — If you or someone you love goes blind due to someone else’s negligence, Attorney Paul Weber will seek to hold the individual or business responsible for the eyesight loss accountable.
  • Compound bone fractures and crush injuries — In cases involving serious bone breaks, crush injuries and organ damage, we strive to ease the burden on clients while they attempt to recover.
  • Loss of limb — Victims who lose limbs either directly from an accident or as a result of a medically required amputation will never be the same. Attorney Paul Weber aggressively pursues justice for these men and women.
  • Burns and electric shock injuries — Skin grafts and other medical treatments used to help people heal from burns, electric shocks and explosion injuries could last months, or even years.

It does not matter if you were hurt in a car crash, at a construction site, after a fall on someone else’s property or in a different type of incident, we are capable of handling the toughest, most complex catastrophic injury cases.

How catastrophic cases are different from other personal injury actions

Collecting appropriate compensation for a personal injury claim involving a broken bone or back pain might be relatively straightforward, but cases stemming from catastrophic harm are much more complex. In these matters, an experienced litigator should make a thorough review not only of existing medical problems, but conditions that might develop over time and adjustments that might have to be made in order to accommodate any permanent limitations. Our firm consults with independent medical, rehabilitative and life-care specialists to assess the burden that will be faced by victims and their families. We fight to secure a proper financial recovery and handle all of the investigation, case preparation and gathering of medical evidence until the case is closed. No matter how extensive the review is in your catastrophic injury matter, you don’t pay attorneys’ fees until you receive a settlement or jury award.

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