Langhorne Products Liability Attorney Seeks Relief from Negligent Manufacturers

Dedicated Bucks County lawyer aids people hurt by defective items

At home, on the road and on the job, we are surrounded by products that we expect to function as intended. Makers and sellers of these products are legally bound to ensure that the items they put on the market are safe. A perishable food with an incorrect date can ruin your day while a defective medication or automobile could cost you your life. From our office in Langhorne, the Law Offices of Paul R. Weber delivers knowledgeable advice and aggressive representation in a full range of products liability actions. If you’ve been injured because a manufacturer or some other party within the supply chain failed to use proper care, we are here to help hold them accountable.

What categories of products frequently trigger Pennsylvania liability claims?

When a consumer or industrial item harms someone who uses it, the victim might be able to obtain compensation through a products liability claim. Having represented clients in numerous states, our firm has the ability and determination to take on the largest companies when their failures lead to injuries, illnesses or even death. We handle a full range of these defective product cases, including claims relating to:

  • Household products — An electric kitchen appliance that isn’t wired correctly, a poorly made ladder that triggers a deadly fall and countless other household products have the potential to inflict serious harm on an unsuspecting victim.
  • Auto parts — Sometimes a car crash isn’t the fault of either driver, but can be traced to defective brakes or other automobile parts that did not function as intended.
  • Food poisoning — Producers, distributors and sellers of food have a responsibility to the public to provide products that are safe for human consumption and marked with clear instructions about ingredients, refrigeration requirements and expiration dates.
  • Pharmaceuticals — When a prescription or over-the-counter drug isn’t made or labeled properly, serious physical, mental or emotional harm can be the result.
  • Building and construction materials — Incidences of mesothelioma claims from workers exposed to asbestos exposure serve as a stark example of the hazards posed by building and construction materials. 

No matter how you were harmed by a faulty product, our personal injury team will outline the relevant legal standards and give you honest advice about the payment you might be entitled to.

What are the types of defective product claims?

Some products are designed in a manner that is inherently dangerous. In other cases, a products liability claim is traced to a flaw in the manufacturing process. When a manufacturing defect causes an injury, a plaintiff does not have to prove that the company making the product knew of the problem. This standard, sometimes referred to as “strict product liability,” makes it easier for victims to collect compensation for their injuries. Our firm presses defendants for appropriate compensation in cases involving products that were designed or built incorrectly, as well as when an injury results from faulty product labeling, false advertising and the failure to provide a suitable warning regarding product use.  

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