Burn Injury

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A burn is one of the most painful and debilitating injuries a person can suffer. Even mild burns can result in excruciating discomfort. Serious burns over large areas of the body can damage internal organs and compromise the delicate systems that healthy skin so successfully protects.

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Types of burns and fire injuries

Although the majority of the approximately 450,000 burns that occur each year are caused by fires, you may suffer burns from other accidents. The type of medical care you receive depends on whether your burn is caused by:

  • Heat (thermal)
  • Electricity
  • Radiation
  • Chemicals

In addition to a burn, fire can cause smoke inhalation injuries. In fact, approximately 70 percent of fire-related deaths actually result from inhalation of toxic fumes.

Burn classifications

Burns are classified according to the damage they cause to the victim’s tissues. The level of burn determines the extent of treatment required and the chances for recovering functionality. Patients with third- and fourth-degree burns, for example, may require extensive reconstructive and skin graft surgeries.

Despite receiving quality care, you may still suffer from permanent disabilities and lifelong pain or numbness. Your doctor will diagnose your burn as:

  • First degree — Considered a minor burn, a first-degree burn affects the epidermis and can cause redness and pain, but it typically heals with at-home first aid within days or weeks.
  • Second degree — A second-degree burn damages the epidermis and dermis. It often results in blisters and scarring.
  • Third degree — When the burn penetrates the outer skin layers and damages the fat beneath the dermis, it is classified as a third-degree burn. It can destroy nerves and cause numbness.
  • Fourth degree — The most severe burns are fourth-degree burns. Bones and muscles are damaged. Because of substantial nerve damage, many fourth-degree burns generate no pain.

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