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When you place a family member in daycare, you expect their needs to be met in a safe environment. Unfortunately, the level of care in too many facilities is substandard, which means your loved one can be neglected or worse. If your child or older relative has been injured at a daycare facility, Seigel Law is prepared to help. Since 1976, our firm has represented clients with serious personal injuries caused by someone else’s neglect, abuse or carelessness. We pursue justice for your family as we would for our own. No matter what specifically led to your loved one’s injury, we are determined to develop the strongest possible case to recover the compensation your loved one deserves.

Common injuries that occur at childcare centers

Children at play are prone to picking up scrapes and bruises, which even the most alert supervision won’t prevent. However, when children are poorly supervised, perilous situations can arise, leading to serious injury. Common injuries at childhood daycare centers include:

  • Falls — A fall from a height, especially onto a hard surface, can result in broken bones, internal organ damage or traumatic brain injury.
  • Bites from other children — Bites are not only painful, but they can cause a child emotional distress as well.
  • Choking — If Ieft unsupervised during meals, children can choke on food, especially when there’s horseplay at the table. Children can also choke on objects, such as toy parts, when given items that are not age-appropriate.
  • Poisoning — Every daycare center should be childproofed so that toxic substances are not within the reach of a curious boy or girl.
  • Burns — Children can sustain burns from food that’s too hot, spilled coffee or tea, heat sources that are not safeguarded and poorly maintained sources of electric current.

Whether it caters to children or seniors, a daycare facility has a duty to make its premises reasonably safe for its attendees. It must inspect the premises to discover and remedy any hazards that could injure someone.

Reasons adults get hurt at daycare facilities

Adults at daycare are susceptible to a variety of injuries from neglect or substandard care. Common causes of adult injury include:

  • Falls — Seniors with balance problems can suffer catastrophic falls when not properly assisted.
  • Rough handling — Attendants must take proper care when assisting an elderly person from a vehicle into a wheelchair or a wheelchair into a chair or bed. Hasty lifting and improper technique can produce a variety of injuries.
  • Wandering — Neglected seniors might wander within a facility or venture outside, where a severe accident can occur.
  • Medications — Giving the wrong drugs or an improper dosage can severely injure a patient.
  • Choking — Seniors who have difficulty swallowing must be monitored during meals.

Individual staff members might be liable for a personal injury when their carelessness directly causes harm. However, the facility also bears legal responsibility for the negligence of its employees, and can be liable for hiring a staffer who lacks proper qualification for their duties.

Deliberate harm from daycare abuse

Deliberate physical, emotional and sexual abuse does take place in childhood and adult daycare centers. In New Jersey, any person who has probable cause to believe a child has suffered abuse should make a report to the Department of Children and Families. As for abused seniors, any licensed healthcare professional who suspects an adult is being abused is required to report to Adult Protective Services.

Whether injuries occur due to negligence or deliberate misconduct, the victims are entitled to personal injury damages as compensation for their suffering.

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