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Riding a motorcycle generates a sense of excitement and freedom. However, the same elements that thrill bikers also make motorcycles a potentially dangerous form of transportation. Without a seatbelt or an enclosed metal capsule to hold you in, your body is open to the world and vulnerable to severe physical harm if something goes wrong. From our office in Ridgewood, Seigel Law supports the motorcyclists who frequent the roads of Ridgewood, Hackensack, Fair Lawn, Teaneck, Garfield, Fort Lee, Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth and Clifton. Whether your injuries require extensive rehabilitation or are expected to heal quickly, we are ready to fight for your legal rights.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents

Many motorcycle collisions are triggered by the same factors you see in other types of motor vehicle accidents, such as speeding, distractions and impaired drivers. Moreover, bikers face additional dangers such as motorists who drift from their lane or don’t understand that motorcycles have the same road rights as cars and trucks. Poorly maintained road surfaces and debris that operators of larger vehicles might be able to ignore could lead to a severe motorcycle crash. 

Types of injuries caused by motorcycle accidents

Although using safety equipment offers you substantial protection, you can still be severely injured in a collision. We aggressively pursue these liable drivers to recover the maximum possible damages for brain trauma, spinal cord damage, road rash, fractures, amputations and other catastrophic injuries. Calculating the effect of long-term medical conditions can be complicated, but our lawyers have the experience to analyze the pertinent information and come up with a suitable settlement demand.

Steps you should take after a motorcycle accident

Regardless of the speed or the contributing circumstances, a motorcycle crash is a traumatic event. You might not be prepared to collect information for a subsequent legal claim, but if you are physically able, there are ways to help yourself. Once you have called the police and other necessary personnel, it is smart to preserve information from the scene by taking photos and writing down any information that might seem significant. You might also wish to exchange contact and insurance information with the other party to the crash and get the names of potential witnesses. 

Why you need a lawyer for your motorcycle accident claim

A biker who has been struck by a negligent car or truck driver might be entitled to several categories of damages, such as:

  • Reimbursement of medical bills and associated expenses
  • Replacement of wages lost due to the accident
  • Costs related to home medical care and transportation to doctors’ appointments
  • Compensation for the pain and suffering experienced after the crash
  • Payment for the mental anguish and diminished enjoyment of life resulting from the crash
  • Compensation for permanent effects of the accident, such as scarring, disfigurement or disability

Our firm represents clients in claims involving defendants, third-party insurers and their own carriers if the driver responsible for the crash lacks sufficient coverage. You can count on us for clear, accurate information about your legal options and the potential consequences of each choice.

Motorcycle safety and New Jersey helmet laws

According to the New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety (HTS), about 2,000 injuries and 70 deaths occur every year as a result of approximately 2,500 motorcycle crashes. HTS offers several tips to motorcyclists to avoid becoming a statistic, including:

  • Wear appropriate clothing, including a helmet, eye protection, abrasion-resistant jacket and long pants, over-the-ankle boots and full-fingered gloves.
  • Increase visibility by wearing bright clothes and not lingering in a car’s blind spot.
  • Educate yourself by taking a motorcycle-driving course.
  • Never drive while tired or after drinking alcohol or taking medication.
  • Drive defensively.

The HTS reports that motorcyclists not wearing helmets are three times more likely to sustain fatal head trauma than riders wearing an appropriate helmet at the time of a motorcycle accident. This may be reason enough to wear a helmet, but there is also another good reason — it’s the law in New Jersey. The state’s helmet statute requires both operators and passengers to wear a Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved helmet.

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