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What was once regarded as science fiction is now reality in New Jersey and across the world. Autonomous motor vehicles — otherwise known as self-driving cars — are navigating our roadways. Although billed as safer-than-human, these vehicles are not perfect and have in fact caused accidents, some resulting in serious injuries and death. Such accidents can raise significant questions about who is at fault: the autonomous vehicle’s manufacturer or any of the numerous subcontractors who designed and installed the car’s systems. If you were injured in an autonomous vehicle accident, Seigel Law is ready to help. We represent car crash victims in the Bergen, Passaic, Essex, and Hudson County areas. Our attorneys draw on more than 45 years of auto accident litigation to pursue the best outcomes possible for our clients.

Which are safer: driverless or human-driven cars?

Proponents of self-driving cars raise these safety points:

  • Human drivers are more likely to break traffic laws and take risks.
  • More than 80 percent of car crashes in the US are caused by driver error. Computers can process road information more efficiently and make faster and better decisions.
  • Other major causes of accidents are drunk, drugged, distracted and sleep-deprived driving. Autonomous vehicles are not susceptible to any of these problems.
  • Autonomous vehicles don’t “get lost,” so they don’t make errors of judgment as human drivers may do.
  • Sensory technology can potentially perceive the environment better than human senses can, especially in times of poor visibility.
  • Self-driving cars are not vulnerable to stress, so there are no road-rage incidents.

However, for these advantages to materialize, the technology must function as designed. At their present stage of development, “self-driving” cars still require a human driver to be present and alert, ready to take over if the autonomous systems fail. Unfortunately, in many accidents, owners failed to notice problems with the automated system until it was too late.

Who is liable for a self-driving vehicle accident?

When a Tesla or any other autonomous vehicle gets into an accident, there is a question of who might be at fault. Was the crash a failure of human driving or technology? Possible defendants include:

  • The vehicle’s owner/operator — When a vehicle causes an accident, the operator may be at fault, even if the car was in self-driving mode.
  • The manufacturer — A failure of the autonomous system is a defect similar to failed brakes or ignition. The manufacturer may be held strictly liable for resulting damages.
  • Maintenance company — If the technician who serviced your car, such as by updating software or re-installing the automated system, made a mistake that caused a malfunction, that person or company can be held responsible for resulting damages.

Identifying the at-fault party is a critical part of preparing your claim to ensure you recover the compensation you deserve.

Why you need a lawyer for your self-driving vehicle accident

Billion-dollar companies have a great deal riding on the success of their products, so they typically defend personal injury claims aggressively. To get the compensation you deserve, retain an and effective law firm with experience in litigating motor vehicle accidents in New Jersey.

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