New Jersey Personal Injury Attorneys Seek Payment for Victims

Injury lawyers in Ridgewood serving clients throughout northern New Jersey

Seigel Law in Ridgewood has secured compensation for North Jersey personal injury victims since 1976. We serve clients in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Hudson counties as well as other locations throughout the area. If a negligent individual or business has hurt you, we can help.

We represent clients injured in a variety of accidents

Our attorneys aggressively seek compensation for the damages that are available to personal injury victims under New Jersey law, such as payment for healthcare costs, lost income and the pain and suffering resulting from the injury. We handle all types of personal injury actions, including matters related to:

  • Vehicle accidents — Following a car accident, we advise injured parties on insurance claims and initiate litigation against at-fault drivers when warranted. We also understand the unique considerations that apply in truck, motorcycle and bicycle accident cases.
  • Premises liability — Our litigators take on a full range of premises liability actions against careless property owners and others who breached their legal duty to a guest. Whether you were hurt in a slip and fall incident, by a neighbor’s dog or in another manner, we’ll outline your options.
  • Catastrophic injuries — We have the ability and resources to take on complex claims stemming from catastrophic injuries caused by vehicle crashes, defective products and medical malpractice.
  • Nursing home injuries — Elderly people deserve to be respected in nursing homes and other types of senior care facilities. When a resident is victimized by abuse or neglect, our firm presses to hold the liable parties accountable.
  • Sexual abuse — If you or a family member was sexually abused, we will work tirelessly to obtain legal relief to address the devastating harm that can result from this type of misconduct.

Typically, you have two years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit, but quick action makes evidence gathering easier and speeds up when you’ll receive your verdict or settlement.

Steps you should take immediately after an injury

A legal claim is only as strong as the evidence that supports it, so the actions you take in the moments after an injury could make a big difference in the eventual outcome of your case. Once you’ve been hurt in a vehicle accident or some other incident caused by someone else’s negligence, it’s wise to follow these steps:

  • Get the medical help you need — Nothing comes before your physical well-being and the safety of those around you. If urgent medical care is required, call 911 immediately. If you’ve been in a car crash, you need to contact the police and obtain the report once it’s written. In situations where immediate care is not necessary, see a doctor as soon as you can.
  • Record your impressions in as much detail as possible — Personal injury cases often turn on small details, such as whether a driver was paying attention to their cell phone or if a sign was used to identify a hazard on a supermarket’s floor. Memories can fade quickly under stress, so take photos of the accident scene whenever possible and take notes to record any detail that might seem relevant.
  • Identify potential defendants and witnesses — Collecting compensation could depend on whether the defendants and key witnesses can be located. Get names and contact information for anyone who might have contributed to your injury or who saw what happened.

For more than four decades, we’ve earned outstanding results for injury victims because of our skill and preparation.

Why you need a lawyer for your accident injury claim

After you’ve been hurt, taking legal action might not be the first thing on your mind. As you receive medical treatment for your physical injuries, you might also be feeling financial pressure, particularly if your condition prevents you from going to work, Defendants and their insurance companies frequently look to exploit victims by pushing them into an inadequate settlement before they consult with a knowledgeable attorney. We won’t let you be bullied into taking an insufficient compensation amount and will provide a well-informed assessment of the type of financial recovery you should expect. You don’t have to worry about up-front attorney’s fees, because we don’t bill clients until they receive payment through a verdict or settlement.

Contact a skillful North Jersey personal injury attorney for a free consultation

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