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Cranes used in construction, manufacturing and other industrial activity offer allow for reaching heights and carrying payloads that would be impossible to manage without the use of heavy equipment. However, the size and power of these machines demand that the utmost care be taken with them. In a split second, a gust of wind, a momentary distraction or a faulty part can turn a functioning crane into a deadly threat. When a collapse or other mishap occurs, the resulting physical and financial harm can be enormous. Seigel Law in Ridgewood, New Jersey provides comprehensive legal counsel in personal injury, wrongful death and workers’ compensation claims to help bring victims and their families a measure of justice. 

Types of cranes

The following are types of cranes commonly involved in collapses: 

  • Tower crane — Resembling an upside-down L, a tower crane has a long horizontal jib at the top of a tower. A hook hanging from the jib is used to carry materials or to hold a heavy object to carry out demolition. 
  • Mobile crane — Typically mounted on a truck, a mobile crane includes a boom that telescopes upward at an angle to reach the required height. 
  • Overhead crane — Sometimes referred to as a bridge crane, an overhead crane uses pulleys that drop down from one or more girders. These are often used in factories and other industrial settings. 

Each type of crane can present different kind of danger to workers and bystanders, and safety measures must be tailored to the specific piece of equipment being used. If appropriate protective action is not taken, we will fight to hold at-fault parties accountable. 

Causes of crane collapses

Following a crane collapse, it is important to start an investigation as soon as possible to determine how it happened. Possible causes of these accidents include the following:

  • Equipment malfunction or defect
  • Structural collapse
  • Operator error
  • Inadequate maintenance

Depending on the circumstances, many different parties might be liable for a crane accident. Our firm will review the facts to assess whether a crane operator, contractor, equipment manufacturer or other individual or businesses should be named as defendants. 

Firm pursues full financial recoveries for clients with catastrophic injuries

After a serious injury incurred in a crane collapse, you’re likely to require extensive medical treatment and even with the best care you might not ever fully recover. Our firm consults with doctors and other experts to present a well-supported case for damages in a settlement or verdict. Some of the particular injuries associated with these accidents include:

  • Broken bones suffered when a victim is struck or crushed by falling equipment or debris
  • Head and neck injuries that could result in permanent brain damage
  • Amputations directly caused by the collapse or required to save the victim’s life
  • Internal organ damage, such as harm to the liver, kidneys and spleen
  • Catastrophic injuries, including partial and total paralysis

The more severe your injury, the more important it is to work with a litigator who knows how to maximize the amount you receive. This includes compensation for healthcare costs, lost income, rehabilitation expenses, pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment in your life and changes that you must make to your home to accommodate your condition. We press for the full amount that our clients deserve and also represent plaintiffs in wrongful death actions following fatal crane collapses. 

Legal liability in crane accident cases

When a crane is needed for a large-scale building, repair or maintenance project, there might be numerous people on the site, any of which could have contributed to the collapse. As personal injury attorneys with a record of success in claims arising from New Jersey construction accidents, we can find the contractor or other individual who bears legal responsibility for the injury to you or your loved one. From there, we pursue appropriate claims against liable crane operators, contractors, equipment manufacturers and other parties.

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