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With large factories and high-tech laboratories, New Jersey has a tremendous industrial output, but manufacturing carries significant risk of injury to workers. Since opening in 1976, Seigel Law in Ridgewood has given victims of industrial accidents the strong counsel they need. In both personal injury and workers’ compensation claims, our attorneys fight for the payment that victims deserve after getting hurt on a factory floor or any other industrial setting. 

Firm assists people hurt in factories and other manufacturing sites 

When someone is harmed by a malfunctioning machine, a fall from a high structure, exposure to toxic chemicals or some other industrial accident, strong legal counsel is essential. Our attorneys know how to take on tough adversaries and win complex personal injury and workers’ compensation claims. Drawing on decades of legal experience and a track record of winning against tough adversaries, we provide high-level representation to victims of industrial accidents and their families in personal injury and wrongful death cases. 

Common causes of industrial accidents

For many workers, earning a living means dealing with occupational hazards every single day on the job. Even the most conscientious employees place their well-being in the hands of others who might not be as careful. These are some of the ways in which people get hurt as a result of industrial accidents: 

  • Defective or poorly maintained equipment 

  • Chemical spills and other forms of toxic exposure
  • Use of dangerous materials in manufacturing or construction
  • Explosions triggered by the mishandling of combustible materials
  • Falls from high places
  • Electrocution from improperly grounded wires
  • Physical stress caused by repetitive movements
  • Lack of personal protective equipment
  • Slip and falls that occur on unsafe walking surfaces
  • Absence of fire prevention measures

Job-related injuries and illnesses should trigger workers’ compensation benefits regardless of who was at fault for the claimant’s condition. A workers’ comp recipient is fully reimbursed for healthcare expenses and can recover 70 percent of their lost income, up to a maximum annually set by the state ($1,131 per week in 2024). When someone besides the victim’s employer or a co-worker contributed to the industrial accident, additional damages might be awarded in a personal injury lawsuit. In both types of legal matters, our attorneys provide exceptional advocacy to New Jersey clients. 

Experienced advocates represent clients in all types of injury claims

No matter what type of serious injury you or a loved one suffered in an industrial accident, our firm will develop a cogent argument aimed at maximizing the settlement or verdict. Some of the particular aliments frequently linked to industrial accidents include:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Damage to eyes and ears
  • Back and spinal cord damage
  • Loss of limbs
  • Thermal and chemical burns
  • Internal organ injuries
  • Cancer and other diseases caused by toxic substances

In claims over these conditions and others, we work with doctors and other experts to demonstrate the full extent of harm suffered by the victims. 

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