New Jersey Workplace Accident Attorneys

Ridgewood lawyers pursue compensation for victims of job-related injuries

Bringing a legal claim after you’ve been hurt in a workplace accident can be challenging. Employers and larger insurance companies are often difficult to deal with. If you’ve been injured during the course of your job duties, Seigel Law has successfully represented people in your position for more than four decades. Our Ridgewood firm assists New Jersey employees with personal injury and workers’ compensation claims so that they can secure the financial recovery they need for themselves and their families. 

Litigators handle claims arising from construction sites, factories and other workplaces

Injuries occur at every type of workplace. You could be on a construction site, at a factory or even in an office when an accident requires you to obtain medical treatment. Physically demanding work, negligent operation of machinery and vehicle collisions are just three potential causes of workplace accidents. No matter what led to the incident in your case, your first priority is your physical well-being. After that, you need top-notch medical care and the funds to pay for it, especially if you’re unable to work. We represent New Jersey clients in personal injury and workers’ compensation claims so that they have the best chance to get proper treatment for their medical problems without worrying about financial issues. 

Firm represents employees in personal injury and workers’ compensation cases

Under New Jersey’s workers’ compensation system, someone who is hurt while doing their job is entitled to full reimbursement of related medical costs and partial replacement of lost wages. Victims of workplace accidents or illnesses do not have to prove fault on anyone’s part in order to receive these benefits. Our firm can guide you through the workers’ comp claim process and bring an appeal if you receive a full or partial denial of your claim. Though injured employees typically cannot file personal injury lawsuits against their employer or a co-worker, you might be able to seek damages from a third party that was partially liable for your workplace accident. This could occur if defective equipment, an employee of another contractor or a careless driver contributed to your injury. Through a personal injury action, you can collect damages that are not available under workers’ comp, such as compensation for pain and suffering and income replacement above what is provided by state law. 

Skillful advocates for all types of workplace accident claims

Our dedicated New Jersey litigators handle serious injury cases arising from a range of job-related incidents, such as:

  • Injuries caused by heavy machinery malfunction or operator error
  • Medical problems resulting from overexertion or repetitive movements
  • Falls from heights due to lack of reliable safety measures
  • Fires and electrocutions
  • Vehicle collisions
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Exposure to toxic substances

To maximize your chances of getting the compensation you deserve after a workplace accident or illness, you should be sure to retain a law firm with a long, successful track record in cases like yours. 

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