NJ Premises Liability Attorneys Take on Careless Property Owners

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From our office in Ridgewood, Seigel Law delivers effective advocacy for northern New Jersey clients who got hurt on someone else’s property. Since 1976, we have helped premises liability plaintiffs recover substantial awards in Bergen, Passaic, Essex and Hudson County cases. You can rely on us for honest counsel regarding liability issues and determined representation during trials and settlement discussions.

Common causes of premises liability accidents

Examples of harmful events that can give rise to a premises liability claim include:  

  • Slip and fall incidents — It doesn’t matter if you’re inside a shopping mall or walking on an icy sidewalk, the property owner must act prudently to prevent a slip and fall injury. If you’re not sure whether someone else’s carelessness caused your accident, we will review the facts to assess whether a premises liability action is warranted.
  • Dog bites — Regardless of how friendly a pet might seem or if it had previously displayed aggressive behavior, New Jersey law holds owners strictly liable for the damages that result from a dog bite.
  • Security failures — When an event or location or attracts a large crowd, hiring security and/or crowd control personnel is prudent. A failure to do so could create legal liability for avoidable problems that occur.  

Defendants often try to intimidate injury victims into giving up their claim or settling for less than what their case is worth. No matter who the adversary might be, we won’t let you be bullied into an unfair result.

Common injuries in premises liability cases

Premises liability cases can cover all types of injuries. Whether you broke your wrist in a fall on a damaged walking surface or require treatment following a dog bite, our firm will gather the necessary medical evidence needed to increase the likelihood of a prompt, successful outcome. In more serious cases involving long-term physical and/or mental harm, we’ll prepare materials and testimony to detail all the ways that your injury has negatively affected your life.

Why you need a lawyer for a premises liability accident injury claim

Before you decide how to proceed in a premises liability action, you should speak with an experienced attorney about the applicable legal standards. Under New Jersey law, property owners and possessors owe you a duty to:

  • Keep their property in good condition
  • Repair dangerous conditions
  • Warn you of potential hazards
  • In some cases, inspect the property for defects

To prevail on a premises liability claim, you must prove that the defendant — such as the landlord of your residential apartment or the owner of a business — owed you a duty of care and breached that duty, resulting in your injury. The level of a property owner’s duty depends on your status when you are injured. The three categories of premises liability plaintiffs are:

  • Invitee — You were invited onto the property for a commercial benefit to the owner or possessor, as a shopping mall or grocery store customer, for example. The owner has the highest duty of care to invitees. This includes the responsibility to inspect the premises periodically for potentially dangerous conditions.
  • Licensee — You were invited onto the property, but not for the owner’s personal benefit. One example is a social guest at a party. In these situations, the owner would be held liable if the person knew or should have known about the hazardous condition and failed to make it safe or warn guests of the dangers, and the guests did not know or have reason to know about the risk.
  • Trespasser — Even if you were not invited onto the property, the owner has a basic duty to warn you about dangers that might harm you.

When we review the facts in your case, we apply them to the relevant law and advise whether the requisite elements exist for a successful premises liability lawsuit.

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