Diligent Las Vegas Business Litigation Attorneys Protect Clients’ Rights

Nevada lawyers provide skillful legal advocacy in disputes

Business disputes can seriously impede company operations, reputations and profits. At O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas, our dedicated business litigation attorneys advocate for clients faced with breach of contract disputes, shareholder and partnership disagreements and other conflicts. Our lawyers represent Nevada companies in numerous industries, including real estate and construction. We have helped businesses resolve serious problems for over 40 years.

Common types of business disputes

Some of the most common types of business disputes include the following:

  • Breach of contract — In breach of contract cases involving alleged failures to perform in accordance with an agreement, we thoroughly review the relevant terms and help our clients find the best way to enforce their rights. Whether the particular dispute stems from a failure to pay, a refusal to perform or some other disagreement, our firm is equipped to assert your case effectively.
  • Partnership conflicts and shareholder disagreements — When shareholders disagree about governance of a corporation or business partners differ on the direction of their business, it can grow into a complex legal dispute that can threaten the health of your operation. Our business litigation attorneys will deliver strategic counsel to safeguard your interests and reduce the detrimental effects to your company.
  • Disputes in real estate transactions — Conflicts that arise over real estate transactions may involve one party not following through on a sale or purchase, one party failing to disclose issues with a property or disagreements over property boundaries or property use. During disputes relating to property transactions, our attorneys examine contractual and ancillary agreements and explain how the law applies.  
  • Construction claims — A construction litigation claims might stem from a work injury, schedule delay or change of work order. Design and construction defects also frequently trigger lawsuits. Defects may not be discovered until years down the road, so it is important to remember that there is a 10-year time limit for bringing construction defect claims in Nevada.  
  • Business torts — Our firm represents parties in cases where one business alleges that they have been harmed by the wrongful acts of another business. These acts may be intentional, such as stealing trade secrets or disparaging a competitor, but sometimes result from negligence. In either case, offenders can be held liable. 

With our intricate understanding of business law in Nevada, our attorneys are well-situated to represent you in even the most complex legal disputes.

Dedicated advocates use many methods to resolve business disputes

You may be able to resolve your business dispute without going to litigation. Depending upon the situation and type of dispute, negotiating a resolution with the parties involved may be a possibility, or you may wish to seek the services of a neutral mediator to guide negotiations toward resolution. If settling your dispute on favorable terms is not possible, going to trial might be the right course of action. Our business litigation attorneys will look out for your interests to identify the best forum for your dispute.

Remedies in business litigation disputes

Possible remedies in business litigation disputes, depending upon the situation involved, include:

  • Compensatory damages in a tort or contract case
  • Specific performance that requires the other party to follow through with their contractual obligations
  • Liquidated damages, which are a predetermined amount of money to be paid in breach of contract disputes
  • Restraining orders or injunctions to stop wrongful actions

When our attorneys litigate your case, we will work hard to achieve an optimal result.

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