Las Vegas Gaming and Administrative Law Attorneys Deliver Knowledgeable Support

Former head of Nevada Gaming Commission provides insightful counsel

Despite changes throughout the country, Nevada’s legal gaming industry leads the nation and serves as a vital force in the state’s economy. Part of the success can be attributed to the regulatory system that governs legalized gambling. Small and large casino operators, and other businesses across the state, turn to O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas for practical guidance and skillful representation when they have an administrative law issue. Firm founder John O’Reilly served as the Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission, which gives us a nearly unparalleled understanding of the needs of licensees and applicants of all types. Our stellar reputation for advocating for gaming law clients and others has made us a “go to” team for clients seeking strong counsel for administrative actions, licensing matters and other regulatory challenges.

Firm handles gaming license and compliance issues

A failure to understand the complex rules of the Gaming Commission and the Nevada Gaming Control Board could be fatal to a business that relies on gambling revenue. Along with the existing body of law, operators are facing new challenges such as cashless wagering and online gaming. When one violation could put your license at risk, obtaining knowledgeable counsel is essential before you make a significant move. We advise gaming businesses on compliance and represent them in hearings involving a whole host of matters, such as:

  • Licensing issues
  • Ownership qualifications
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Gaming devices and operations
  • Finances and accounting
  • Patron disputes
  • Employee matters
  • Race books and sports betting

In addition to our work on behalf of clients in the gaming industry, our firm handles a full range of business concerns, so you can rely on us for comprehensive legal support in matters relating to contracts, real estate, land use and other concerns.

Lawyers advise on a wide range of regulatory and administrative concerns

Administrative law is the new battleground for many working professionals. Accordingly, our firm treats this area of law with the serious focus it deserves. A black mark on a professional’s record, no matter how seemingly innocuous or misguided, can remain as part of the professional’s working profile for the rest of their career. While administrative boards vary greatly in adherence to the applicable rules and standards that apply, a well-organized team can help professionals work their way through administrative hearings.

Government affairs lawyers offer lobbying services

No matter what industry you’re in, the laws and rules promulgated by government bodies can have a tremendous impact on your ability to succeed. Businesses that donate significant resources to dealing with regulatory concerns have a substantial interest in seeing that the regulations themselves are proper. Our government affairs attorneys counsel clients on the best way to make a difference and the potential benefits of effective lobbying.

Contact an established Nevada attorney to discuss a gaming law or administrative matter 

O’Reilly Law Group advises clients throughout the state regarding Nevada gaming regulations and other types of administrative law concerns. To schedule a consultation, please call 702-382-2500 or contact us online. Our office is located in Las Vegas.