Our litigation practice in Las Vegas provides top-quality trial representation through our experienced and aggressive trial team within federal, state, appellate and administrative courts. We handle lawsuits from the infancy of litigation, through discovery and pre-trial investigation, to trial and appellate advocacy. Our experienced trial attorneys offer a candid analysis of the relative risks and rewards of litigating – we know when and how to settle or not settle a case.

Our Las Vegas litigators embody indispensable qualities that enable them to manage everything from basic to complex litigation. We provide legal representation that is creative, structured, intuitive, versatile, and, most importantly, honest.

Commercial Litigation

With reputable experience in the business realm, our trial lawyers excel in providing a multitude of services for our clients’ commercial litigation needs, which range from breach of contract; breach of sale, distribution and confidentiality; corporate governance; antitrust; intellectual property; fraud; and securities.

Personal Injury Litigation

Our experienced trial lawyers provide superior legal services for personal injury litigation. Our litigators recognize that personal injury cases are potentially very complex. Our trial lawyers work with our clients to ensure that the necessary elements to prevail at trial are satisfied as well as ensuring their claims are within the various statutes of limitations. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure our clients receive a compensatory figure that accurately represents all of the damages sustained.

Hotel, Resort & Casino Litigation

Our community is centrally located in one of the largest gaming industry centers in the world. Our experienced trial lawyers provide legal representation not only locally, but also internationally within the realm of hotel, resort and casino litigation. From disputes over resort trademarks to construction defect litigation, we recognize the growing need for legal representation within the gaming industry, and our acclaimed litigators provide aggressive and creative representation to our clients throughout the litigation.

Entertainment Litigation

The entertainment community is unquestionably well developed in not only society today, but also in our specific local community. Our trial lawyers have provided reputable service to respected clients in the music, film and television industries. From trademarks and copyrights to partnership disputes, our litigators recognize the growing demand for legal representation within the entertainment industry and the advocacy of entertainers’ rights.

Constitution Litigation

Constitutional rights and advocacy has been a long standing fight for our community. Our trial lawyers have been actively litigating lawsuits involving the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Our trial lawyers advocate our clients’ constitutional rights and will defend them through litigation.

Labor & Employment Litigation

Our trial lawyers provide services within the increasingly complex area of labor and employment. Our services vary from complex litigation spanning across multiple regulatory codes to less evasive administrative disputes. We provide dedicated representation to both employers and corporate entities because we firmly believe preventing lawsuits is the most successful litigation strategy.

Construction Litigation

Construction delays or defects can become costly to not only the developers and contractors, but also the property owners. Our diverse background and experience with construction claims allows our attorneys to protect the interests of our clients from drafting contracts to providing high-quality legal representation through litigation.