Nevada Attorneys Deliver Knowledgeable Counsel on Commercial Law Matters

Las Vegas firm offers sound guidance on various business matters

Businesses of all sizes must take precautionary measures to defend themselves from disagreements that could compromise their ability to operate profitably. At O’Reilly Law in Las Vegas, our accomplished Nevada attorneys offer legal advice on various commercial concerns, including relationships with consumers, business-to-business transactions and real estate agreements. Whenever possible, we look to avert needless disputes and eliminate areas of potential liability. Having assisted businesses for more than four decades, we strive to serve as trusted long-term partner to the commercial clients we serve.

Effective lawyers assist with the purchase and sale of companies

Buying or selling a company is a pivotal event for a business owner. As you approach this type of transaction, our firm offers sound guidance on due diligence matters, valuation, potential regulatory concerns and other legal concerns potentially linked to your deal. Once you’ve agreed to terms, we can draft a document formalizing the purchase of stock and/or assets. We’ve handled highly intricate mergers and acquisitions and can give you comprehensive legal support as you look to complete a successful transaction.

Attorneys handle contract preparation and review

In situations relating to all types of commercial contracts, you can count on us for reliable advice and dedicated advocacy. Whether you’re looking to draft an employment agreement, are negotiating terms with a vendor or seeking a remedy following a contract breach, our attorneys deliver effective legal counsel. From startup operating agreements to documents finalizing the dissolution of a business, we give clients an advantage.

Firm develops nondisclosure and noncompete agreements

Protecting intellectual property and confidential business information is increasingly important in an age when data is instantly transferable and there is high mobility among wonders. If you are concerned about someone using your information from your business to help themselves at your expense, we can draw up a suitable nondisclosure agreement. Before you present the document to an employee, vendor or someone else, we explain how to draft language that would be upheld in court. For example, the nondisclosure agreement should specifically say what confidential information must be kept secret. Our firm also draws up noncompete documents to prevent former workers from poaching customers after they leave, but these contracts need to be narrowly drawn in terms of time and scope.

Legal advocates represent parties in the negotiation of commercial leases

Securing the right location for a business is typically a prime consideration, and it’s equally important to ensure that the terms of your lease give you a chance to succeed. We are well versed in Nevada’s real estate laws as well as the practical considerations that affect commercial tenants and landlords. Whether the property in question is a business, retail, industrial or developmental site, we provide comprehensive counsel throughout the lease negotiation process, as well as when a landlord-tenant dispute arises.

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