Las Vegas Corporate Law Attorneys Serve Large and Small Companies

Nevada firm provides guidance on internal and external concerns

It takes more than a good idea and hard work to operate a successful corporation. Whether you’re launching a new enterprise or are in charge of an established business, the knowledgeable corporate attorneys at O’Reilly Law Group in Las Vegas provide valuable counsel. Our accomplished Nevada lawyers deliver sound advice and advocacy to help corporations comply with legal requirements and overcome obstacles.

Lawyers assist with business formation, bylaws and liability issues

At every stage in a corporation’s lifespan, our firm handles critical tasks by offering the same type of personalized representation and service as an in-house legal department. Large and small companies rely on us for assistance with:

  • Corporate formation and restructuring — Our firm assists clients with all types of business formation concerns. If you’ve chosen to establish a corporation, we’ll prepare the articles and submit them to the Nevada Secretary of State. Likewise, we can also help you restructure your existing operation if you seek to create a new corporation or move forward with a different type of legal entity.
  • Bylaws and governance — You cannot predict what will happen over the lifespan of your corporation, but by setting forth clear, effective bylaws and creating other corporate governance documents, your company can build a framework for dealing with challenges that arise. Drawing on our legal and business background, we give new and existing companies the chance to establish strong internal standards.
  • Liability concerns — A key benefit of creating a corporation is that owners are typically shielded from personal liability. However, one legal problem could crush a formerly successful business and, in some instances, corporate directors and officers could be held liable. Whatever industry you’re in, we can help you address potential problems and take on adversaries if a dispute arises.   

Getting a business to thrive is difficult work and requires constant attention. We strive to relieve the legal burden on our clients so that they can concentrate on growing their corporation.

Skillful advisers draft, review and enforce corporate contracts

Reliable contracts form the foundation of most successful businesses. Working closely with corporations and other types of companies, we draft and negotiate agreements that are tailored to our clients’ circumstances and goals. If you’ve been presented with a document from a potential contracting partner, we’ll review the language thoroughly so that you have a firm grasp on each party’s rights and obligations. In the event that a contractual relationship sours, our litigators handle breach of contract actions seeking restitution, rescission, liquidated damages and other forms of legal relief.

Attorneys represent corporations in mergers and acquisitions

When it is time for your business to make a significant move, working with an experienced attorney from the start can help you safeguard your interests and avert unnecessary problems. Our firm offers comprehensive legal support for all types of mergers and acquisitions, including due diligence services, contract negotiation and the creation of new legal entities. Whether you’re considering buying someone else’s operation or joining with another company, we offer insight and representation to put you in a strong position going forward.

Proven advocates handle partnership and shareholder disputes

Disagreements among fellow business owners not only take a toll on the participants, but also present a serious threat to the underlying operation. In partnership and shareholder disputes, we provide strategic advocacy to clients without ever losing site of the big picture. At every stage of the conflict, we keep you apprised of your options and the potential costs associated with each choice.

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