Orland Park, Illinois Child Support Attorneys Work for Fair Orders

The right lawyer fights for payment schedules that fit your true circumstances

Illinois law recognizes that both parents have a financial obligation to support their children, so it requires the noncustodial parent to make regular payments to the custodial parent. However, the state’s guidelines for calculating child support have come under criticism for not being as equitable as guidelines that 38 other states have adopted. Therefore, until Illinois reforms its guidelines, it’s up to the attorneys representing parents in child custody disputes to work toward payment schedules that truly reflect the parents’ financial circumstances and the children’s needs. At The Palmisano Law Group, our skilled attorneys use the discovery process to ensure full disclosure of the parties’ finances so the parents or the court can arrive at a resolution that reflects financial reality, balances equities and addresses the children’s needs.

The right lawyer uses discovery to compel disclosure of all income

Illinois employs guidelines based on a percentage of obligor net income, rather than the income shares model used by 38 other states. This model can lead to inequitable results when both parents earn substantial salaries. As attorneys, we cannot change the guidelines, but we can make the financial picture of each parent clear to the court. During the process known as discovery, we thoroughly examine the financial statements the opposing party submits and analyze those statements to discern whether they are complete and accurate. Our decades of divorce experience have given us insight into tactics some parties use to hide assets and income from court scrutiny. We fight to bring everything out into the open.

The right lawyer negotiates solutions that address your children’s needs

At The Palmisano Law Group, we favor negotiated solutions that keep the parties in control, rather than pursuing litigation that gives the court the final say. When negotiating child custody and child support settlements, we can accurately assess how the court is likely to employ Illinois state guidelines to arrive at a basic child support amount. Using that number as a basis, we can proceed to negotiate the sharing of additional expenses related to:

  • Private school tuition
  • College savings, tuition and living expenses
  • Medical insurance
  • Children’s enrichment activities (sports, travel teams, the arts, summer camp, etc.)
  • Special needs

Whether representing the custodial or noncustodial parent, we look for a solution that is fair and reasonable to our client and meets the needs of the children at the same time.

Contact the right attorney for child support negotiations in Orland Park, Tinley Park, IL and vicinity

Choosing the right attorney to manage your child support negotiations is key when seeking an equitable resolution that fits your true financial picture. The Palmisano Law Group works to obtain realistic child support agreements. Call The Palmisano Law Group today at 708-966-4311 or contact us online to schedule a free 60-minute consultation.