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Stay Married – If you can.

If not, find a caring experienced, knowledgeable family-law attorney who matches your personality and someone in whom you instinctively feel confident and who gives you good advice, even when you might not want to hear it!


This law firm saved my life. If it were not for Jim & Jennifer I could have lost everything I’ve ever worked for. I thank The Palmisano Law Group for their level of expertise and professionalism. They worked endlessly to make sure that I stayed ahead in my divorce by narrowing everything down to the FACTS. These two made a magnificent team in the courtroom and they allow each other to shine in their respectful places. Jennifer stayed in contact with me with constant updates and she made sure I was prepared to face my case head on. Jim was stern and extremely knowledgeable when it came to my case and when navigating the courtroom. Jennifer, always made sure to double check the facts and she made me feel confident. If anyone is unhappy about the price or service then they simply do not want to win. Time is money and money gets the job done right. Simply put, divorce takes a lot of TIME. Thank you Jim and Jennifer for everything that you’ve done and all the guidance that you’ve given to me through this entire process. Because of your dedication, I have my family. - Patoya Maria

The best decision I have made besides leaving my soon to be ex-husband, is hiring The Palmisano Law Group to represent me. James has been my life savor this past year. With all the difficult situations that has arrived during this case, he never missed one of my phone calls. He is ALWAYS there to help guide me with each situation. He has won every court case thus far and has helped me get through so many difficult situations my soon to be EX has brought to me.

He is extremely professional and works on a timely matter. He understands the law, and represents the case so will in court! Thank you James and the Palmisano Law group for working endlessly on my case, and helping support me get through the most difficult times, along with winning each court date for me. The absolute best of the best! - Hiba Badwan

I had nothing but good experiences while dealing with Palmisano Law Group. Megan was very attentive and did everything she could for my case. Any questions or concerns I had, she was there to listen and always had an answer. She kept me informed every step of the way and whenever something happened with our case I was informed immediately. Some of these people don’t understand that court takes time & a good lawyer means $$$. The system is jacked up here but that’s not your lawyers fault!!! Thank you Megan for everything you did for us!! - Michelle Blazek

Well recommend! Really happy with my case and he will fight for on what you want. - Adrian Rodriquez

Phenomenal representation. Objective insight. Direct, critical thinking with results. Absolutely recommend!! - Stephanie Galimes

The Palmisano Law Group is representing me in my divorce proceedings which are complicated in nature for a variety of reasons. I am extremely confident in the firm's expertise in this area of the law. They take a strong stand ensuring that my best interests are foremost leaving no stone unturned. I definitely feel like I'm in good hands. The professionalism and integrity exuded by the attorneys is of the highest caliber. The firm has excelled in its communications with me by keeping me informed every step of the way, offering understandable explanations in a timely and respectful manner. The attorneys in the firm are very approachable and provide the support and information needed when navigating the stressful waters of a divorce. I highly recommend the Palmisano Law Group. - Linda Celani

In what was a very difficult time for me , I found the support , advice and sheer helpfulness I received from all the staff at the Palmisano Law Group made me feel very confident I had chosen the right law firm to represent me . Keep up the great work ! - John Dees

James Palmisano was appointed by the Court as the GAL for my children. Being involved in the Court system for the last 8 years, it has been rough and it never felt like my children had a voice. Now, with the help of Mr. Palmisano, they do. He truly has done everything in the best interest of my children. They are happier than they have been in years and I owe it all to Mr. Palmisano. If you are looking for a tough lawyer to look out for your best interest, then James Palmisaon is who you want in your corner! IF I could give 10 stars I would!! - Jennifer Borner

"Mr. Palmisano went above and beyond the call of duty in representing me in two separate but unrelated matters. His attention to detail was very thorough, but what I was most impressed with was the personal concern he demonstrated along every step of the way. I highly recommend Mr. Palmisano to anyone looking for a skilled attorney whose dedication to his clients is unparalleled." – J.S.

"He never made me any promises, he responded to any questions I had, and he was easy to work with."
– M.C.

"Mr. Palmisano came highly recommended to me and he did a great job handling my very complicated divorce. He returned my phones calls and kept me focused on what was important for my child and me. He always took the time out to listen to me and what I felt was important even if it wasn't in the long run. I would recommend him to anyone who is going through a divorce and has children involved because he knows what he is talking about and will do his very best for you and your children." – K.L.

“Mr. Palmisano is a great divorce attorney who fought very hard for me and helped me stay focused on what was really important to me, the well-being of my child. He is very fair and can help you see the big picture, which is difficult at times. He always returned my phone calls and kept me informed of what was going on in my case. Divorce is very difficult, and Mr. Palmisano was always there for me to help me get the best settlement possible. I would recommend him to anyone going through a complicated divorce. He was there for my son and I.” – P.M.

“I hired Mr. Palmisano during very trying times, after my previous lawyer withdrew from my case. He quickly took charge and pursued all of the outstanding discovery, and as a result, I received a very favorable settlement. Mr. Palmisano was also able to help me resolve several joint-parenting issues, and his fees were reasonable.” – D.M.

"I have used his legal services on a number of occasions. He has always represented me to the highest standards. He was always prepared and always answered my questions right away. He always gave me the right advice and never overcharged me for his services. I would recommend him to anyone who needed a good and honest lawyer." – L.H.

“Accessible, communicative, knowledgeable and personable!” – L.B.

"Good communicator, up to date and strong advocate. I was happy to meet him and happy to recommend him." – C.M.

"Mr. Palmisano is an exceptional attorney. His professionalism and knowledge is unmatched." - D.G.

“Mr. Palmisano represented me in a complicated international divorce case. He provided me with options, sound advice and solutions. His knowledge of the legal system inspired confidence during a difficult period. His staff is timely and efficient as well as helpful and courteous. I have a divorce agreement I can live with largely due to the attorney skills and efforts of Mr. Palmisano. I would recommend Mr. Palmisano to anyone looking for the same successful outcome. - J.S.

"Worlds Greatest! I saw miracles happen in the court room yesterday with Jim Palmisano as my attorney. He always finds the loophole! He is personable, has years of experience, aggressive and always prepared. The attorney for my ex husband puts on a big dramatic show, while Mr. Palmisano" brought it". His associates are great too. One of them being from Notre Dame!"- Annette

"Thank God for My Guardian Angel. Thank God for Mr Palmisano,he is my Guardian Angel! I have experienced several lawyers before him. They all left me with no results feeling abandoned, depressed, and broke. My current case is concerning the wrongful distribution of pensions, Mr. Palmisano was able to step right in and sort through the mess that others had created. He is a man of the highest integrity,and from what I see very empathetic toward the person that he represents. Mr. Palmisano has also helped me to get child support,and educational support for my son. He is aggressive and will get the job done. I can only hope that everybody needing help with their children, support,and straightening out pensions will find him in a timely manner. I found him to be a very professional,respectful,and courteous lawyer who will strive to make everything right.."- Sherry

"PRAISE FOR MY HERO!!!! James Palmisano is my hero!!!!! He works hard and fights for what is right. James Palmisano is very professional and does not back down to opposing lawyers. He is not afraid to butt heads and stand up for you. I spoke with a few other lawyers before asking Palmisano to take my case. I was told that he is part PIT BULL when he gets mad. I was told that he will stand up and fight for you and he has done exactly that. He will not back down!!! I am proud to say that he is my lawyer and he deserves a super hero cape!!!"-Julie

I am blessed to have him as my attorney. He is my 4th lawyer. The others have left me feeling abandoned, and broke with minimal results. Mr. Palmisano has great integrity and values. I witnessed him work hard to get a good result. He is aggressive and will not give up. I have seen the impossible become possible. Miracles do happen!"-Anonymous

Fellow Attorneys

“Jim is tireless in his pursuit of justice for his clients and a true professional who makes the law an honored profession. His clients are well served by this compassionate, bright and ethical attorney.”
– R.K.

“Jim is an extremely effective attorney who combines his broad knowledge of the law with his well-honed trial skills. He is quite well regarded by both judges and other members of the bar. There should be no hesitation when considering retaining him to represent you.” – R.S.