Colorado Trucking Accident Attorneys Advocate for Injured Parties

Lakewood firm advises individuals hit by commercial vehicles

In a single year, dozens of fatal truck accidents occur on Colorado roads, and hundreds more collisions where someone hit by a big rig experiences long-term physical harm. At Silvern & Bulger, P.C. in Lakewood, we are experienced personal injury lawyers who know how to deal with the complexities often associated with claims involving commercial vehicles. Whether you were hit by a tractor-trailer on Interstate 70 or struck while shopping for groceries in your hometown, we’ll investigate the crash in detail, represent you in negotiations with insurance companies and make every legal effort to deliver the compensation you deserve.  

What causes truck accidents?

Commercial trucks have a lot of moving parts and require constant upkeep to be safe for travel on public roads. However, there are a number of issues that could lead to a serious trucking accident. These include:

  • Driver error — Distractions, inexperience and drunk driving are all common factors in truck crashes, as is the fact that drivers are often rushed to complete their routes on time. Truck drivers need to be especially careful when operating their rigs to protect everyone on the road.
  • Improper loading — Crews need to exercise caution when loading semi-trucks, as overloaded or imbalanced loads can cause a truck to lose control, often tipping over or jack-knifing as a result.
  • Equipment failure — These issues may be the result of poor manufacturing and design practices or a lack of maintenance on a commercial truck over time. Parts manufacturers or trucking companies may be liable.
  • Hazardous conditions — Truck drivers should be extra careful when operating their vehicles during periods of inclement weather or when road conditions are poor. This is part of the basic training semi-truck operators should receive before heading out on the road.
  • Other motorists — Drivers of other vehicles may operate recklessly near semi-trucks, changing lanes quickly and making unexpected moves that are difficult for truck drivers to anticipate. In these situations, you may need to seek compensation from the driver who caused the crash in the first place, even if it was the commercial truck that caused the damage.

Due to the wide range of contributing factors in trucking accidents, it’s important to work with one of our skilled lawyers to determine fault and take legal action on your behalf. We have the experience and knowledge you need as you seek monetary damages following a crash.

Seeking relief for victims of severe injuries

The size and weight of a large truck makes it much more likely that someone who is struck by one will suffer a catastrophic injury or wrongful death. Our personal injury firm has a strong track record of handling claims involving paralysis, traumatic brain injuries and other life-changing harm stemming from a vehicle crash. When warranted, we bring in experts to detail how a victim’s everyday routine will be changed for years to come, or even permanently. In situations where someone has lost a family member following a truck accident, we work to provide a measure of relief by securing reimbursement for funeral costs and income the decedent would have earned.

Violations of trucking industry regulations can lead to crashes

Due to the increased danger associated with commercial vehicle accidents, large trucks and their drivers must abide by special regulations. Still, fatigue and rushing to get the job done could cause violations to occur. Our firm will review information from the rig’s event data recorder and other sources to determine if rules were broken. If a driver lacked the required rest or an overloaded trailer caused the vehicle to lose control, we’ll pursue justice from all of the liable parties, including fleet owners.

Dedicated advocates guide clients through truck accident lawsuits

You have two years from the date of a truck accident to initiate a lawsuit. It’s advisable to speak with an attorney promptly though, because commercial vehicle claims often involve multiple parties and commercial clients. You can count on us to take on fleet owners, parts manufacturers, contracting businesses and any other defendants who should be held accountable for your injury. You can count us to press for the payment you deserve to cover your healthcare bills, time missed from work and the physical pain and emotional distress stemming from a commercial vehicle crash.

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