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Colorado firm has extensive experience achieving strong results for temporarily disabled individuals

Most people depend on a steady paycheck to meet the daily needs of themselves and their families, so missing work for a few months because of a medical condition can put a lot of stress on people while they are trying to heal. Short term disability exists to help people in this situation, but the claims process can be frustrating, especially if your benefits are denied. Silvern & Bulger, P.C. represents Colorado clients in ERISA cases and other matters so that deserving claimants can secure the income replacement funds that they are entitled to under the terms of their coverage.

What is short term disability?

When you cannot work for at least eight days because of an injury or illness, you can submit a claim for short term disability benefits if you have that type of coverage. This should be done as soon as possible once you are eligible because failing to meet the policy’s deadline could prevent your ability to collect payments. Our attorneys can review the specific terms that apply in your case and help you gather the necessary supporting materials. STD benefits could last from three to six months, or longer, depending on your particular coverage.

What disabilities qualify for short term disability benefits?

As long as it stops you from performing your job functions for an extended period of time, any type of physical or mental disability should qualify you for STD benefits. You might have suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken bones or ligament damage in an accident. Alternatively, you could have contracted cancer or suffered a stroke that involves months of treatment and/or rehabilitation. Our firm has also secured benefits for individuals unable to work due to anxiety, bipolar disorder and PTSD. Don’t assume that your medical condition is not covered under your STD policy. We will review the facts thoroughly and advise if a claim is warranted.

What factors can affect decisions on short term disability benefits?

Insurance companies are frequently reluctant to pay out benefits to worthy claimants. They might cite a lack of medical documentation or a failure to complete the required documents when rejecting a claim. In some instances, a company might even authorize surveillance to assess if someone is truly unable to do their job. Should a dispute exist over your STD claim, you deserve to have a strong advocate on your side. Our attorneys understand the tactics used by insurers and how to counter them.

What should you do if your short term disability claim is denied?

Prompt action is necessary if your short term disability claim is denied. You can count us to evaluate the facts and the relevant policy language to determine if an appeal is likely to succeed. In cases stemming from employer-provided STD coverage, our long history of successfully litigating ERISA claims will work to your advantage. Whatever type of medical condition you’ve suffered, we’ll prepare a compelling and well-supported appeal to help you pursue the benefits you need to bring you through this tough time.  

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