Knowledgeable Missouri Attorneys Assist Small and Large Businesses

Rolla law firm delivers comprehensive advice and advocacy

Operating a business presents all types of expected and unexpected challenges. At Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. in Rolla, we understand what it takes to handle the everyday details of running a south-central Missouri firm. That is why we work to provide legal representation that empowers small and large businesses and helps them to thrive. Whether you require advice on how to launch a new enterprise, conduct a contract negotiation, or handle a dispute, our attorneys have the skill and background to address your issues effectively and affordably.

Experienced lawyers help enterprises launch and grow

Our firm advises businesses in any field on a full range of legal issues, including:

  • Formation — We advise clients on the various options for forming a legal business entity. We examine your situation and explain the relative advantages of corporations, partnerships and limited liability companies. Once you make your decision, we file the required documentation with the Missouri Secretary of State or the proper authority in the state where you wish to register your enterprise.
  • Contracts — Drafting and negotiating effective contracts is an essential part of any successful business operation. We protect the rights of clients and advise them of each party’s obligations to ensure that negative surprises do not occur later. If a breach occurs, we will take strong, prompt action to safeguard your interests.
  • Real estate — Securing the right location is essential to running a successful operation. Our firm can manage transactions, lease issues and property disputes that might arise.

Though we have the capability to handle complex litigation and sophisticated transactions, our small-firm service means that you will always have a counselor who is attuned to the needs of your specific business.

Attorneys provide trustworthy guidance in complex banking matters

Compliance with banking regulations is a crucial, complicated task. Our firm represents financial institutions to help ensure that they understand the rules and required procedures that govern their operation. We also litigate disputes arising from banking and other types of financial transactions.

Strong counsel for commercial transactions and corporate issues

We help companies establish corporate guidelines that satisfy legal requirements and set a framework for success. This can include developing and revising bylaws, managing internal disputes, and setting forth effective employment policies. Our firm also represents clients in large commercial transactions as well as litigation that arises when these deals fall apart. No matter what type of legal support you require, we serve as a strong partner dedicated to your business’s success.

Contact an experienced Southern Missouri attorney for help with a business matter

Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. assists South-Central Missouri businesses in all types of legal matters. We work throughout Phelps, Pulaski, Dent, Texas, Crawford and Maries counties. Please call 573-458-5200 or contact us online to schedule an appointment at our Rolla office.