Experienced Rolla Attorneys Advise on Commercial Transactions

Your Missouri legal guide from contract creation to dispute resolution

A strategic partnership or a well-structured deal can help a business thrive, while disputes over sales and contracts can throw a company into upheaval. Backed by more than 100 years of combined experience, the commercial lawyers at Williams, Robinson, Rigler & Buschjost, P.C. in Rolla offer trustworthy and informed legal guidance. Business owners and managers in South-Central Missouri come to our firm to create solid, enforceable agreements and to foster fair resolutions when disagreements arise from commercial relationships.

Firm creates and reviews agreements to protect business interests

From the earliest stages of a potential commercial transaction, we help to prepare deal terms and outline each side’s responsibilities in a clear, authoritative manner. We make sure that duties are enforceable and list any conditions that could invalidate the agreement. Our firm assists in all common transactions, including those relating to:

  • Sales — We provide comprehensive legal oversight for commercial sales of physical assets, real estate, intellectual property and services at all steps of the process.
  • Trade — Our attorneys review the terms of deals and guide corporate leadership on best practices to comply with Missouri’s antitrust and deceptive trade practice laws.
  • Manufacturing — Entrusting a manufacturer with product designs and other trade secrets involves a level of risk. Our lawyers draw up documents to establish consequences for poorly manufactured products and deceitful practices.
  • Marketing — If your company intends to hire an agency or other contactor to market or promote your business, it is important to have a clear order of work. A contract can establish a payment plan and budget, as well as advertising terms.
  • Franchising — Though Missouri does not require franchisors to register with the state, there are federal laws governing relationships between franchise owners and franchisees.

Forging legally sound agreements with trade and commerce partners gives you the confidence you need to make important decisions. Our attorneys draft and review contracts to help businesses achieve their goals and minimize risk.

Contract attorneys assert clients’ interests in cases of breach cases

In breach-of-contract cases, we conduct a thorough investigation to determine whether a duty to perform existed and, if so, whether that obligation was unfulfilled. We represent clients in cases of alleged:

  • Material breach — A breach of contract is “material” if the breaching party did not deliver to the non-breaching party what was agreed upon or delivered something substantially different. When a material breach occurs, the non-breaching party is no longer bound to the contract and can seek damages.
  • Minor breach — Non-breaching parties can seek damages if a minor breach occurs but must still perform their end of the contract. In a minor breach, the breaching party performs their duties for the most part but fails to complete them in total.

If a responsible party fails to deliver on their duty to perform when that duty arises, we strive to gain our clients the compensation to which they are entitled.

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