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Skillful Middleborough divorce attorneys help families throughout Bristol and Plymouth counties

Ending a marriage can seem overwhelming, but failing to assert your rights could lead to further problems down the road. At the Studley Law Offices in Middleborough, our divorce litigators have 38 years of combined experience in this area. With an emphasis on preparation, we are often able to negotiate beneficial settlements for Plymouth and Bristol County clients on issues such as alimony, custody and property division. When necessary, we aggressively advance your interests during trial and develop an effective plan of action to maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Accomplished advocates advise on dissolution filings

Our accomplished family lawyers make sure that spouses understand the pertinent Massachusetts laws governing their divorce case, including provisions relating to:

  • Residencyrequirements — You can file for divorce within the state if you have lived here for at least one year or if the marriage occurred within Massachusetts and you’ve resided here as a couple.
  • Filing and grounds — In Massachusetts, you can dissolve your marriage without alleging misconduct on your spouse’s part. These no-fault divorces are often filed by joint petition and are granted due to irreconcilable differences between the parties. You can also file an individual complaint seeking marriage dissolution based on one of five fault grounds, including adultery and substance abuse.
  • Property division — We guide you through the process of equitably dividing your marital assets. We engage in mediation when this method is likely to result in an advantageous property settlement agreement or fight for your fair share during trial if it is in your best interest to do so.

How long the divorce process will take depends on numerous factors. If spouses have already agreed on terms relating to alimony, property division and parenting matters, it should be approximately four months until the union can be terminated. When conflicts exist, the litigation can last much longer. No matter how your divorce proceeds, we will protect your interests vigorously at every stage of the case.

Dedicated counselors represent clients going through high-net-worth divorces

Going through a high-net-worth divorce presents special challenges to the parties and their attorneys, so it’s critical to have the support of a family lawyer who is well versed in these issues. We have the experience and the network of experts to perform sophisticated analyses of complex assets, financial investments, real estate and valuable items such as artwork and antiques. If a business or professional practice is part of the marital estate, our attorneys examine each party’s contributions and current and potential revenue streams to press for an equitable outcome.

Experienced firm seeks to establish proper custody and support terms

When representing parents in a divorce, we are dedicated to achieving a resolution that creates a supportive environment for sons and daughters regardless of the differences that broke up the marriage. Drawing on our legal knowledge and detailed understanding of each family’s particular concerns, we work to create optimal custody arrangements, including fair visitation schedules. If an issue exists over paternity, legal guardianship or relocation to another state, we work diligently to unearth the facts and find what is in the child’s best interests. Our lawyers also handle a full range of child support matters, including petitions to modify or enforce existing orders.

Hardworking attorneys assist parties during alimony determinations

Couples rely on each other for many things during a marriage. Often, one partner or another earns all or most of the household’s income, which can leave the other spouse in a perilous position after a breakup. Our firm advises Massachusetts residents on the different types of spousal support available under state law. Whether you’re seeking payments or are being asked to provide them, we’ll look at the factors that go into alimony determinations and present the strongest possible case during settlement negotiations or at trial.

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