High-Net-Worth Divorce Lawyers

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High-net-worth divorces typically involve considerable assets and often require more complex valuing techniques and more sophisticated negotiation and trial strategies than other divorces. With 38 years of experience, our attorneys at Studley Law Offices can assist you in the division of:

  • Professional practices
  • Businesses
  • Real estate
  • The marital home
  • Stocks and other securities
  • Pension funds
  • Antiques and collectables
  • Unique personal property

Our lawyers in Plymouth consult with experts and appraisers to develop accurate accounting of your assets’ values and develop clear plans of action for obtaining the best results in your case.

Valuing your professional practice

Your and your spouse’s professional practices are part of your marital estate. Unlike other businesses — where owners may be interchangeable — your professional practice’s value is tied to your reputation, your skills, your relationship with your clients and the unique services you provide. Accordingly, the valuation of your professional practice requires complex analysis. Our Bridgewater lawyers have extensive experience handling the challenging issues associated with this valuable asset.

Additionally, we understand the interplay between the value of a professional practice and spousal support. You reasonably may be concerned about “double dipping” — where your spouse is awarded the value assigned to your professional practice and spousal support based on the full stream of income produced by your practice. This controversial issue is still being resolved in the Massachusetts courts. We work diligently to ensure that your ultimate arrangement is fair.

Protecting your business during divorce

After you have worked hard to build a successful business, divorce can place your company at risk. You can count on our Bridgewater lawyer to develop clear strategies for protecting your interests. We advise you about keeping your business and personal assets separate and about keeping your company intact. If you contributed sweat equity or sacrificed your family finances to help your spouse start or grow a business, we assist you in recouping your investment during divorce proceedings.

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