Strategies for the Division of Property

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Upon separation, you begin the challenging task of dividing your assets and debts. This undertaking can feel overwhelming without competent, professional guidance. Applying 38 years of combined experience, our Plymouth lawyers at the Studley Law Offices assist you with each step of the process. Our team is engaged and determined as we assist you in:

  • Completing your financial affidavit
  • Taking inventory of property
  • Collecting crucial financial information via thorough discovery
  • Determining which property belongs to you, your spouse and the marriage
  • Setting goals for obtaining the assets to which you are entitled
  • Creating a strategy for meeting your objectives

Marital versus personal property

You are entitled to a fair share of the property you acquired during your marriage. Determining the property that belongs to your marriage is the first step in developing an effective asset division strategy. Through diligent discovery, our lawyers in Plymouth have often been able to prove that assets the couple believed belonged to one of the spouses personally essentially belonged to the marriage. Likewise, we have often been able to separate certain types of investments from the marital property. We calculate an accurate valuation of your property that helps you set your goals during your divorce.

Mediating an equitable property division agreement

Our Taunton lawyer firmly pursues the maximum possible share of your marital property. We also take decisive steps to reduce costs and expedite the divorce process. To accomplish this objective, we encourage mediation whenever it is in your best interests. Mediation is an effective tool for reaching equitable settlements efficiently with the guidance of a trained facilitator. The advantages of mediation often include:

  • Finalizing your divorce sooner
  • Decreasing your expenses for attorneys’ fees, court costs and discovery support
  • Minimizing the stress of your divorce
  • Giving you more control over the division of your assets

We advise you if trial is the appropriate option in your individual case — for example, if your spouse refuses to cooperate or behaves abusively toward you. Using our extensive litigation experience, we thoroughly investigate your case, prepare you for your courtroom appearance and make compelling arguments to the judge.

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