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Marriage is a partnership — not only personal and spiritual, but also financial. Based on this idea that both partners contribute to the marriage, alimony is intended to pay the spouse with the lower income for the time, companionship and missed opportunities devoted to the relationship. The recent passage of alimony reform laws has created new parameters for establishing fair alimony. With our 38 years of experience, Studley Law Offices lawyers in Taunton explain how the application of these regulations affects this important aspect of your divorce.

Alimony Reform Laws

The Massachusetts Alimony Reform Laws became effective March 1, 2012. The statute established maximum length of time during which a person can be ordered to pay spousal support, based on the length of the marriage. In addition, the law addresses the conditions for termination of financial support. Our Taunton lawyers keep updated on the new regulations that affect the outcome of your divorce. If you have an existing support order, we can evaluate if your order is eligible for modification under the Alimony Reform Law.

Deviating from the alimony reform provisions

Massachusetts laws now caps the period during which a former spouse can receive alimony for couples married fewer than 20 years with the period of payments increasing at every five-year interval. However, the court is permitted to deviate from this requirement in the interest of justice. If you are seeking alimony, our Bridgewater lawyer collects crucial evidence to convince a judge that the time limitation would be inequitable. We also fight for you to receive other sources of financial support — such as health insurance, asset allocation and lump sum alimony — that are fair divorce.

If you are the higher income-earner, we know how to use the reform laws to your advantage so you can limit your financial liability. In addition, we ask the court to enforce the cohabitation provision so that your former spouse cannot continue receiving alimony from you while receiving adequate financial support from another partner.

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